Replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116508 Green Dial 18k Yellow Gold Watch

As we all know, Rolex has always been one of the most popular watch brands, Replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch is the most important one of the chronograph movement replica watch. 2016 Basel Watch Fair star is the Cosmograph Daytona watch, we can not ignore the same time release of precious metals timing changes, especially the gold material + green face plate 116508-0013, I think no one can resist the green surface Cosmograph Attraction of Daytona watch.

Green is the official Rolex brand color, all commemorative years or major point in time, there must be green watches, but also must be greatly sought after; now even 2016 new ‘Rolex certification’ seal is green, replacing the traditional red Seal of the Hong Kong Observatory.

In the past decade or so, the Rolex watches have been pushing the precious metal section 18K rose gold. Rolex even has what they call “Everose Eternal Rose Gold”, which is their own special recipe alloy. With the global economic downturn, the image of the conservative 18k gold is a comeback, in my opinion, mainly by the impact of market sales, Asians prefer pink gold — skin was white, Europe and the United States prefer gold — Chende skin More like vacation after the wheat color, now, the East Asian market shrinking seriously, and Europe and the United States market is much more stable, the table factory naturally to meet the consumers. However, gold or rose gold, only depends on your personal taste. This new Daytona chose a conservative gold material.

116508-0013 form diameter of 40 mm, shape with the old 116,508 in fact nothing difference, handsome in appearance, comfortable to wear, reputation. The only difference is the dial, the previous gold version of Daytona common black or champagne dial, and now replaced with a rich shiny dark green dial.

There is no choice of ceramic bezel and the latest version of the tachometer scale, but the old section of the 18K gold bezel Gattona’s signature tachometer scale — most people will not notice the difference between the two.

Dark green face plate with 18k gold pointer and hour scale, more emphasis on the gold color; 6 o’clock red “DAYTONA” words, as well as three small red inner dial, bring a lot of sports passion.

The traditional oyster case water depth of 100 meters, crown and chronograph button are screwed into the type — individuals do not like screw-in timing button, the operation Intuit inconvenience. Rolex bracelet has always been to work stress comfortable, tapering three-link gold bracelet, the central link with a polished handle, the external table is drawing processing. Contrast the new count of Polo S watch, watch chain actually a water wide and thin!

Replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116508 Green Dial 18k Yellow Gold Watch is equipped with the Rolex self-produced 4130 automatic chronograph movement, timing without calendar function. Vibration frequency of 4Hz, there are two days of power reserve, although no new movement, but in 2016 the 4130 movement applied a new more stringent accuracy and warranty standards. No matter how you look, gold in this world for thousands of years, coupled with the constant labor of green, will become the new darling of fashion.

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Replica TISSOT PRS 516 retro automatic watches

There are certain things a man needs to feel like a man: a classic timepiece. Maybe a sports car. Car, sports car can be said that many men dream of the second “baby.” That can not afford to buy a car can turn their eyes to the watch, because the theme of the car as the table models are too numerous to mention, I believe will be picked from the preferences. Tissot in the last century 60’s, to build a racing tribute to the PR 516 table altar to win the full house. While the birth of Replica TISSOT PRS 516 retro automatic watch continues the popularity of the previous generation PR 516’s iconic design.

Features: Replica retro car style strap

How to transplant the racing DNA into the clock works, and is a very elegant problem. Each brand’s approach is different, some in the face plate to start, some in case or bezel design on the mind, and PRS 516 is a special part of the show on the strap, to reproduce the familiar driving Round hole. This iconic design is very eye-catching, but also easy to recognize the old fans at a glance to watch the meticulous. PRS 516 successfully presented the retro racing elements also took the opportunity to educate the younger generation of fans on the history of the evolution of the car.

Strap on a hole to let people remember the sixties of the car steering wheel and gloves, not only to the car tribute, but also by Tissot representative advertising “hand steering wheel” let this watch become immortal masterpiece

Features: Retro steering wheel table back

A long-term reputation and only popular watch, not just a bright spot will be able to hold up. The above-mentioned special pull out to mention the opening strap is a very eye-catching design elements, of course, there are other retro watch elements to join. PRS 516 face plate if not carefully appreciate it will not find it ingenious part. The surface of the circular disk hollow with a steering wheel shape, time scale under the mirror floating also adds a layer of three-dimensional. Carbon fiber material to create the face plate and speed gauge bezel also makes the table as a luxury car with the same level of equipment.

Turn over to enjoy the watch back on the perspective of the movement operation, the bottom cover deliberately decorated with a steering wheel shape, Tissot attention to detail, everywhere to bring the table surprise fans

Features: popular elements with practical

Most people buy the watch condition is basically partial and easy to use popular. Starting from the performance-oriented point of view, the simple face plate with date and week function display, equipped with from 60 hours to 80 hours of power reserve automatic winding movement, easy to adjust once a week. 42 mm case size is very much in line with the young people love the big diameter table. The appearance of the rich retro racing style, especially strap shape is very conspicuous, with any clothing will not have a sense of conflict. Watch as a daily accessories help to enhance personal temperament and taste.

The new Replica TISSOT PRS 516 retro automatic watches with smooth, side of the arc, such as banana-shaped case with a black bezel, the mirror under the standard when the racing version of the 3D ring-like sense of space, a strong movement style, can be seen.

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Classic replica Longines Military watch in fashion

Classic, retro, heritage … these words are always in the occasional bombing of the fans of the field of vision, although the literal sense of feeling are very similar, but they can also be derived in many minutes to other meanings. Most of the time, they are simply a marketing function, used to express a specific appearance or design, and actual history may have nothing to do is simply highlight its appearance on the old feeling. But then again, there are still some timepieces based on real history, by reference to the past shape and spirit, to describe today’s better themselves. And this is precisely the nature of Longines has just launched the replica Longines Military watches .

Longines 1918 launch of the watch style, based on the new Longines retro traditional series of Military watch with a clear line, the classic design elements, will bring us back to the era full of surprises. Especially in the dial side of the most prominent, 12 huge Arabic numerals, and the original style used in the font is very similar, but compared to before there is a small upgrade, because in its use of the Super-LumiNova luminous coating. Small seconds disk module is still intact be retained, but to narrow a lot. Of course, these are not the only design changes, but the next feature to say is that some people can not help but speechless.

This is a silent design must let six points on the calendar window alone bear. Xiao Bian really do not understand, what kind of reason is to let designers feel that a calendar window into the small seconds of the second half of the disk, the other half and then take part of time scale 6 This approach is a good idea, Said, anyway, Xiaobian point of view, this unexpected design is really flattered. The simplest solution is to completely ignore the date function, so that it can further restore the original retro essence. Even if, for some reason, this feature is necessary, it should at least be matched with the overall tone of the dial, and then put up some position, integrated in the small seconds, Complete, it is estimated that this will not look so awkward.

In fact, look at it for a while, then, this date seems not so sinful … another topic, this table changes in the table needle is very lovable. Original style is the use of Breguet pin, very suitable for that era, but if used in modern times, it is not very timely. The new stylus design looks both retro atmosphere, but also does not make people feel too old, too, and the dial contrast also makes clear when reading becomes more convenient and clear. 44mm size of the case, with fine polished bezel, very texture, polished lug use is very wise, completely replace the old style of small wire. As for the movement, which is equipped with internal Cal.L615.3 type self-winding movement, based on ETA 2895/2-type movement from grinding, can provide 42 hours of power reserve, though not worthy of great books, But still is a very reliable movement.

Overall, the replica Longines Military watch performance quite satisfactory, the overall appearance is also quite good, it combines the roots of brand history, but also covers the comfort of modern watches. Although the design of the calendar window some puzzled, but also more practical value. Of course, I hope in the future iteration of the brand launch models which can be appropriately adjusted.

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Replica Piaget Altiplano Chronograph Flyback watches

Piaget wedding ring series has always been a witness to the power of love. As a symbol of lasting love, 2016 Piaget Piaget new single diamond ring with diamonds platinum, tempting intertwined lines reminiscent of lovers nestled each other, no points of each other’s scenarios, the meaning of life is never separated from the committed to.
Piaget wedding rings ring shining in the fingers, as the testimony of hot love, echoed with elegant wear on the wrist of the Replica Piaget Altiplano Chronograph Flyback watches. This elegant watch is a masterpiece of excellence watchmaking process, it is unprecedented in the thin parts to achieve a complex watch mechanism, a lifetime commitment to love a permanent witness to the moment.

Piaget wedding ring series is not only a witness to the love story, it is a precious and faithful friend, for the lovers were presented with fine gold diamonds and elegant watch, passionate love so timeless.

Replica Piaget Altiplano Chronograph Flyback watches G0A41035 41mm

18K white gold case, sapphire crystal clear bottom cover

Black crocodile leather strap, 18K white gold buckle clasp

Earl homemade 883P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement

Display functions include hour, minute, minute timer at 3 o’clock position, small seconds display at 6 o’clock position, second time display at 9 o’clock position and fly back to time function.

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Tissot Ballade T-Lady Collection Watches

Tissot’s new Powermatic 80.111 self-winding movement not only has the COSC Observatory certification, but also to improve the traditional women’s mechanical watchmaking process to become an important step. It is used in Tissot’s Ballade watch, which is a 32mm size of the classic ladies watch. So for those who want to buy a high-quality cost-effective ladies watch, Tissot with practical action proved to luxury as a selling point of those watches is not the only choice for women.

Womens watch movement in the manufacturing side, there have been several problems. Due to size constraints, so few women watch the dial to see the existence of the second hand, and therefore missed the COSC Observatory certification standards. At the same time, due to the size of the winding box, female table in the power reserve is also difficult to achieve a satisfactory level, let alone find enough free space to place the second barrel. Of course, the overall size of the market for women, but also a very important part of Europe and the United States region of large ethnic skeleton, so more biased in favor of large-size female form, but Asia is not the same, ah, Asian women is more to give A bird according to people, lovely feeling, but also no shortage of women not to men of the generation, so the Asian market for the design of the female table, always need to go through more consideration, but small size is still the first standard . Tissot Powermatic 80 movement family and the arrival of this new member, changed all this.

Powermatic 80.111 movement can be said to have a milestone significance, why should I say so? Because, first of all, it is a pass COSC Observatory certification standards of high-precision ladies watch mechanical movement, secondly, compared to the previous 42-hour moving reserve standards, it can provide surprisingly 80 hours long power reserve, these Thanks to a patented mechanical module that effectively reduces energy consumption. Accuracy is derived from the adjustable balance wheel, and dynamic storage of the upgrade comes from the longer mainspring. But does not the longer winding take up more space? Of course not, Tissot chose to do it thinner, while reducing the winding box axis diameter of the practice, so that the problem solved.

Powermatic 80 movement is Tissot and ETA movement factory to create the product, originally specifically for the ETA 2824, and now provides a more lasting power of the new self-winding movement, known as the ETA C07.111 or Powermatic 80.111 . Its vibration frequency from the previous 4Hz down to 3Hz, while the use of high-performance silicon hairspring. Reducing the speed, strengthen the escapement structure, reducing friction, thereby enhancing the performance, the end result, of course, is welcomed by the loved ones have been COSC Observatory standards favor. The movement of the size of 25.6mm, composed of 146 components, including 25 jewel bearings. And carrying it Tissot Ballade watch case size is only 32mm, thickness of 9.44mm, provides functions and sometimes minutes and seconds display, and 3:00 on the calendar window.

The Tissot Ballade ladies watch case and bracelet are made of stainless steel material, gold and rose gold plated coating of gold between the two styles, but also have other different colors of the belt styles to choose from. The bezel and the central part of the dial are decorated with clous de Paris pattern, 6-bit and 12-bit time scale to the Arabic numerals, the rest are used in the traditional way to show.

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Replica watches – whatever you want

As an important part of the replica watch, and he is also with people “contact” the most part, the image of the strap became the wearing comfort spokesperson. The strap on the market in terms of common, they are nothing more than stainless steel, titanium, rubber or precious metal these routines. For some manufacturers, the product is only available after a strap to choose from, and some enterprises will have a conscience metal or leather two options. In terms of choice, users will undoubtedly like the latter, because more than one option on a “feeling.”

Believe that Vacheron Constantin table fans must know, Quaidel “Ile watch with three kinds of strap optional, crocodile skin, rubber or metal strap, and the camel Burton can also choose the common metal bracelet and cortex bracelet, but the surprise is It also brought us a fabric strap.I believe manufacturers have realized that the appearance of the watch only to some small changes, you can burst out of a more likely, such as can be used with more clothing or occasions , After all, compared to technological innovation, this is much easier.

In fact, not only manufacturers to see such a dawn, and some fans are also unable to endure loneliness, their own hands. Watching tired of the black dial and metal strap with, it decided to make a big transformation of their watches. It will be removed after the original strap, put on a polyamide fiber strap, the result is pretty good. After the transformation has improved the wearing comfort, appearance has also been greatly improved.

On the table fans themselves, after the transformation of the watch in addition to the dress with, the casual wear can also be competent. More interesting is that it can wear it to attend more occasions, such as the office, swimming pool, yacht club or bar, who care? However, as a traditional table fans, this approach may not enter their discernment, after all, is the purpose of high-profile, they feel that sports watch is now the right way.

Here, I would like to remind those who want to watch the transformation of a friend, not a professional tool you can freely change the style of the watch, after all, technology or live to do homework. In the choice of strap, in addition to retro-style nylon belt to choose from, the polyamide fiber material is also a good choice, while the rubber strap can also create a sense of movement. Read this article, you are a wait and see sent to send it?

After reiterative inferred, we finally determined to define replica watches as the main cheap, here reflects the replica watches “as you want” features.

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