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In 1978, Harry Winston in New York’s death, his eldest son Ronald Winston became the new head of the company. Like his father, Ronald Winston has a natural good business sense, not only the continuation of the company’s glorious tradition of innovation still on the basis of the original, so that the century-old brand glow with new vitality.

The Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon Tourbillon epic series ─ Tourbillon watch is in this simple yet gorgeous, very intently when running sophisticated structure, so that people yearn for the great masterpieces of how ─ will evolve as a more in-depth exploration of conduct . The latest member of the family, on the 4th epic Tourbillon watch, adhering to the epic Tourbillon watches from the date of birth of the avant-garde spirit of innovation is proud of its logo. Epic Tourbillon watch the 4th of traditional tourbillon design completely re-interpretation of the complex set of modern aesthetics and top technology in one, absolutely called the rapid rise in the 21st century dazzling star.

Replica Harry Winston watches
Replica Harry Winston watches

This section Z6 is a clock watch Harry Winston Project series under. Project Z series for watchmaking introduced a new material: zirconium alloys (ZaliumTM). Zirconium alloys have lightweight, harder than titanium, hypoallergenic and excellent corrosion resistance and other characteristics, is a widely used in the aviation industry in the zirconium metal in the watchmaking industry was Harry Winston exclusive patent. Harry Winston Project Z6 Harry Winston watches equipped with precision mechanical movement HW1010, HW1010 movement is composed of parts from 338 self-winding mechanical movement, in addition to display hours, minutes and seconds (seconds to Harry Winston unique “ninja dart” shape Perpetual second hand) outside, it is a stunning watch alarm.

Asked by a table-style alarm clock hammer composition, issued by the crisp sound of gongs by percussion. This design not only “heard”, can also “seeing”, bell hammer fixed in the zirconium alloy case, issued an alarm signal when hitting action clearly visible, not only to enhance the transfer effect of the sound, but the rate of increase and volume. It forms part of the Harry Winston multi-level dial, a major time display, another display the alarm set time, each equipped with a separate day and night indication. Double barrel providing 72 hours of power reserve, ensuring complex functions do not interfere with the movement of the timing function, further highlighting its usefulness.

Table purchase experience very simple, to enter a niche brand of alarm table, so we locked in Athens and this section of the new sonata. After the test with a three-dimensional feel a stronger sense of this section, back through the victory, but also to see the bell hammer percussion. So not too tangled, direct start.



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