Hugo Boss watches, beyond time

Around the world, HUGO BOSS stands for fashionable lifestyle. Whether it is for business, leisure or will special occasion, HUGO BOSS can provide impeccable design and perfect fit styling. Brands include BOSS, BOSS Orange, BOSS Green and HUGO .

Hugo Boss, is a world-renowned luxury brands, from Germany. After purchasing the Hugo Boss watches usually pay attention to maintenance, so as to greatly improve the life of the watch. Especially necessary and timely maintenance of the watch face like bump.

Hugo Boss watches
Hugo Boss watches

1. Slow down, stop stealing phenomenon has mainly visceral movement, the rotor surface metal cut or a short circuit inside the coil, it is necessary for the movement to clean fuel to replace the board.
2. Long-term storage does not wear a watch, should be wound once a month on a regular basis, so that the parts will not be long at rest, in order to ensure the functioning of the performance table machine.
3. Table Mongolian renovation. Watch Mongolia is to draw a lot of road lines later, you can cast the first drops of 12 drops of water on the table, then squeeze a little toothpaste obliterated, they can be removed leaving the table to draw lines and Mongolia as new.
The watch is very sensitive to violently shake, play or hand hit something when it is best to take it down. Watch also afraid of flooding. Therefore, the laundry, wash your hands or do the work of other contact with water, it is best to take the watch off. If your watch glass mist or water spots appear, it is timely maintenance, wipe the mist of water points, the movement drying.
5. When not wearing the watch, do not watch on the radio, in order to avoid being magnetized magnet speakers, when the impact away. Watch more not with camphor together because camphor is a highly volatile substance, the oil tends to solidify loss of lubrication, to the detriment of the accuracy of watches.




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