Lamborghini watches – Race against time

People living at the time of the flood, every day being a race against time, racing against time to chase their dreams, and some seek fame in the market place; some pursuit of victory on the arena, each for their own goals trying every means full time the persistent pursuit. Renowned Italian brand Lamborghini has launched a new and SPORT COMPETITION mechanical watches, the “mad cow” arrogant uninhibited brand personality, taste for people in pursuit of their time and requires dedication and persistence, unparalleled victory and recognition .

“Can not afford a Lamborghini, I can buy a Lamborghini watches, clothes, backpacks.” Luxury car launch derivatives, improved consumer loyalty for a luxury car brand at the same time, a greater degree of expansion of these luxury brands market share.

Following the launch a few months ago and METROPOLITAN COMPETITION Carbon mechanical watches, and then into the next, Spyder 3000 and Spyder 1100 Series Chronograph shocking debut, with its iconic mad cow appearance, captured a public pursuit of style and personality of disabilities , king distribute their unique style.

Lamborghini watches, Selected materials to create high quality 316L stainless steel case, and a bold use of color. Which, together with a bright red, orange and yellow outer or dial ruled steel sheets and belts series, with the same color and sweep lap embraced each other, unexpectedly reminiscent of the racing field of race, strong taste full; also available in the same field and rose gold plated gold color plated 316L stainless steel series, both lined with stainless steel strap, or even brown or black leather and crocodile strap, allowing the wearer exudes are not the same fashion type cells; and Spyder in the 3019 and 3020 model 3000 lasted a few months ago COMPETITION more mechanical watches over the wind, in the bezel and strap into the carbon fiber material, the quality will not empty words, can also create a unique and its own way of true self.

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