Maurice Lacroix watches – the youthful energy brand

Maurice Lacroix Swiss watch brand, the combination of decades of experience in the production of high-quality watches. Glorious history, in Zurich Desco Von Schulthess AG acquired the Jurassic provincial town a Saignelégier watch parts factory, producing exclusive brands for the domestic and overseas markets.

1975 Maurice Lacroix had just published, compared with many of the Swiss watch manufacturers, it was a little Baby, but in recent years Maurice Lacroix factory innovation, introduced a number of semi-complex menu and antique table movement, fashionable and affordable, to guide the young family love mechanical watches has played a positive role in promoting, I believe, for the table but do not understand people like to watch, their eyes will be for many styles attracted Maurice Lacroix, after all, you do not need to have too strong economic strength.

For Maurice Lacroix, although still young, but it should not affect the watch industry as a “classic of tomorrow,” the long-cherished wish. No matter how things and trends change, Maurice Lacroix has not changed its goal, and that is the quality of the design and quality of craving. Maurice Lacroix has been known for the original design, the case is still its own production, which is a lot in terms of the Swiss watch factory is rare.

Maurice Lacroix watches, extraordinary, innovative design already award-winning international product competitions in the red dot design award in the most prestigious. In the red dot design award 2011 product design awards, one by one flow expert jury awarded only Maurice Lacroix Maurice Lacroix Pontos series of limited edition eccentric moon phase watch “Red Points – 2011 Best Design Excellence” quality label the label awarded only the best quality for outstanding design. Meanwhile Maurice Lacroix Amy ingenuity series of limited edition one-line square three-pin round watches were given the “red dot – 2011 champion Design” award.



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