Montblanc watches – Get rid of unusual

Classical and classical is often rolled into one. When science and technology in our lives developing rapidly, the magic of the ancient culture evolved into a work of art in mind. “Slowed down and enjoy life.” It is the philosophy of Montblanc. Montblanc products, you can see the human spirit tempered by time light, saw a precipitation of nearly a hundred years of culture.

With leading Swiss watchmaking, Montblanc watch series tradition of excellence and the unique combination of perfect design. Table words Meisterstück the hexagonal white star and engraved side of the case, to convey its world famous Montblanc pen with the same strain of superior quality products.

Los Angeles, local time January 25, 2015, the 21th US Screen Actors Guild Awards (The Screen Actors Guild Awards) held at the Los Angeles Temple Theatre (Shrine Auditorium). As the American Screen Actors Guild members to vote to decide the winner of the annual award, the importance of the award after the Academy Awards in Hollywood, and an Emmy. The awards ceremony, “Game of Thrones” (Game of Thrones), “The Big Bang Theory” (The Big Bang Theory), “house of cards” (House of Cards) and other popular TV drama starring have dressed many stars Montblanc also choose decorative costumes, bright atmosphere always linger.

News: This year, the pricing of the new table very very pleasantly surprised, does that mean you want to go the wrong Montblanc cheap route?

Alexander_Schmiedt: it can not be said to be cheap, but we put a good performance, technology and quality, and reasonable price made a combined and introduced a variety of different grades of products features the entire product line under the framework, in order to meet different consumers. We advocate “shared passion for fine watchmaking and consumers,” so in the hope that more full functionality without reducing the quality of the premise, to give consumers more acceptable price to everyone.


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