Kobe Bryant and Nubeo Black Mamba watches

Size and charm with the best athletes has become the darling of the fashion industry. There is a saying that when the marriage of brands and sports stars, made a viral, because players will always take advantage of great talent on the field to show their health, courage and wisdom to help the brand in the shortest attract the most customers within the time, like sports, do not like sports, are put into the crazy chase in the past.

Nubeo Kobe Bryant
Nubeo Kobe Bryant

“New York Magazine” website reported. Nubeo high-end watch brand, known for jellyfish inspiration. They prepare and Kobe Bryant to launch a limited edition high-tech sports watches, priced between $ 21,000 to $ 285,000, on some models decorated with sapphires.

March 2009, the Swiss Haute Horlogerie brand Nubeo with Lakers star Kobe Bryant teamed up to launch a series named “Black Mamba” limited edition watch, just watch Kobe spokesman, also is watches designer .

This is called a high-end Swiss watch brand Nubeo Kobe Bryant endorsement will be a “Black Cobra” products, has been published in a number of print ads, we can see in the background looks like The Matrix, Kobe body a brown snakeskin hoodie, quite post-modern style. This series of watches in Jewelry Show in Basel, Switzerland introduced, in which the price of the cheapest are $ 21,000, a price is decorated with sapphires up to $ 285,000.

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