Parmigiani watches – Suoyu heart, director of technology

PARMIGIANI, the world’s leading top-level Swiss watch brand was born in 1996 in the center of the city of Val-de-Travers. In Santos Family Foundation for their support and their commitment to the protection of high-quality Swiss craftsmanship, the Parmigiani until today developed into a handful of full production has its own network of independent watch brand.

Parmigiani has been “Suoyu heart, director of technology” as the brand’s philosophy, the collection of antique clocks and mechanical repair skills are Parmigiani watch brand was born the onset of the cornerstone for inspiration and skills watchmaker the best source. Learn from previous work must be clever charm creativity and innovation into the new timepieces created, let Parmigiani become a value of both the classical tradition and contemporary creativity unique brand watches.

Top technology, perfect material, Parmigiani will be simplicity and complexity in the most perfect combination to show the world.Parmigiani and music, especially jazz origin has puzzled. Parmigiani from 2007 onwards devotion of Switzerland’s most prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival, so that the tone conveys beauty culture; also by supporting the Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation, together with the festival organizers actively committed to discover budding talent, cultivate young talent. The Parmigiani Shanghai Jazz Week, Parmigiani is the first time to extend their love and music to bring China and the Asia-Pacific region, there will be days after the class character of contemporary jazz chief Dee Dee Bridgewater, jazz rock godfather Cui Jian and England superstar pianist Anthony Strong and other music industry craftsman added to 2014 Parmigiani Jazz week in the past.(replica Parmigiani watches is your best choice )

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