Putin and Patek Philippe watches

Referred to watch complex functions and the highest technology, most people will think of the tourbillon, but some brands in order to flaunt watchmaking craftsmanship, will launch a double tourbillon watch. No one can deny that today Putin for Russia’s influence, even his habit of wearing the right hand of fashion watches have become sought after Russian high society.Putin joke:. “They have become poorer,” Putin has been a proponent of Patek Philippe in 2003, he also had another piece of classic style worn by the “Patek Philippe” gold watch – “Calatrava”, naturally expensive.

"Patek Philippe" gold watch - "Calatrava"
“Patek Philippe” gold watch – “Calatrava”

If really want to understand the culture and values of a brand’s auction record is the most can learn information. Written in the text above, is the most tangible history, they are irreversible and can not change, rather than all the pretense and eloquent. In well documented history, PATEK PHILIPPE undoubtedly the earliest attempts to create beautiful and sophisticated chronograph, and be successful precedent rapidly.

You never actually own a Patek Philippe.You merely look after it for the next generation.

Patek Philippe watch connoisseurs in the eyes of unparalleled reputation and status, not only from their exquisite perfection of design work and a wealth of knowledge and technical watchmaking. Patek Philippe undisputed extraordinary position, also from the company always uphold excellence in watchmaking philosophy since the foundation in 1839. This spirit has long been integrated into the top ten brand value, Patek Philippe has become a symbol of supreme quality, a masterpiece of the same age with their generation to generation, immortal

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