Everlasting love to your Replica Piaget watches

Passionate honey, sincere and sincere or soft, the count to precious metals, dazzling jewelry and bright diamonds, interpretation of the charming charm of love. Elegant watch and jewelry to create a rich implication Valentine’s Day gift. In the count world, love is the United States, is a sophisticated metalworking, crystal clear gems and exquisite superb watchmaking skills.

Earl oval white gold and rose gold watch, with its warm luster to the noble elegance of women to pay tribute to the exquisite details of the 1960s Piaget texture and moving temperament. The watch prototype for Jackie Kennedy worn by the old watch, then purchased by the Earl and left for the exclusive collection, perfect to continue the count will watch and jewelry into one brand legend. Ultra-thin movement accompanied by a bright gem, decorated with carved patterns of gold bracelet, a show of the count of the metal works of art. In the gold surface decorated with a unique “Palace”, the chain shows a silky smooth texture and gorgeous glory, such as a spun yarn gently wrapped around the wrist. Color and texture of the combination of free and wonderful, vivid interpretation of this watch extraordinary style. Two watches were used with a vibrant turquoise dial with platinum palace-style totem hand strap (G0A42216), as well as warm and full color of the orange-red chalcedony dial with pink gold palace-style totem hand strap (G0A42217).

As the unique love between lovers, each section of the Altiplano jewelry watch dial is also unique, because the world never has two identical gemstones. Creative color stone will be embedded in the dial, the count has become a landmark design. Earl watchmakers and gem craftsmen carefully crafted 430P ultra-thin movement and color stone complement each other, in terms of transparency, purity or texture are showing an unparalleled natural texture. Bright white diamond bezel set, bright blue turquoise turquoise dial is clear and moving; rare opal on the Altiplano rose gold watch shine pure light, bright diamonds and gorgeous pavilions each other (G0A42174), colorful Color like fireworks bloom.

As a traditional love symbol, elegant rose is also the count family treasure totem design. Relying on the consistent passion and persistence of the brand’s earl, the Yves Piaget roses have a long history, and the brand draws endless inspiration from it, creatively deducing different kinds of beauty incarnations with gold and diamonds. The latest design style – rose gold ornaments – delicate petals in the exquisite bracelet to enjoy the stretch, staggered lace to make intertwined skin looming, distributed Smart Smart. Roses adjoin to moisten the milky white Akoya pearl, like the birth of the Venus from the shells of love, singing the myth of love (G36U4400). Pink gems diverge with gentle light, pouring deep affection (G436U4600).

Black Tie classic retro series to pay tribute to the traditional and pioneer spirit, for the special group of men who special gift. From the rare nature of the meteorite, after exquisite cutting embedded in the dial above, set off against the backdrop of platinum in the case of contemporary fashion. Star-shaped stones to pass out of the extraordinary texture and beauty, pillow-shaped case is also round and square the unique style is more unique. . In order to make the case more rounded and moist corners, Piaget with Seiko craft to create a light and dark stacked, very layered look. While carrying Piaget 534P ultra-thin self-winding movement, accurate record every moment of the moment.

Shape and texture complement each other, precious metals and precious stones of the perfect match, count Valentine’s Day gift ceremony, full of pure love, struck lovers chord.

Replica Piaget Black Tie “Vintage Inspiration” Watch



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Replica Piaget Altiplano Chronograph Flyback watches

Piaget wedding ring series has always been a witness to the power of love. As a symbol of lasting love, 2016 Piaget Piaget new single diamond ring with diamonds platinum, tempting intertwined lines reminiscent of lovers nestled each other, no points of each other’s scenarios, the meaning of life is never separated from the committed to.
Piaget wedding rings ring shining in the fingers, as the testimony of hot love, echoed with elegant wear on the wrist of the Replica Piaget Altiplano Chronograph Flyback watches. This elegant watch is a masterpiece of excellence watchmaking process, it is unprecedented in the thin parts to achieve a complex watch mechanism, a lifetime commitment to love a permanent witness to the moment.

Piaget wedding ring series is not only a witness to the love story, it is a precious and faithful friend, for the lovers were presented with fine gold diamonds and elegant watch, passionate love so timeless.

Replica Piaget Altiplano Chronograph Flyback watches G0A41035 41mm

18K white gold case, sapphire crystal clear bottom cover

Black crocodile leather strap, 18K white gold buckle clasp

Earl homemade 883P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement

Display functions include hour, minute, minute timer at 3 o’clock position, small seconds display at 6 o’clock position, second time display at 9 o’clock position and fly back to time function.

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Piaget watches – Smart shine in your life

In all the decorations, the watch feels the most special, whether it is capable of a man or a lady tenderness, can produce a harmonious rapport with the watch. Relative to jewelry watches, the more of a low-key and restrained, compared with the luxury cars were run, more than a simple and refined, better give people a cherished moments of quiet and indifferent. An advanced watch making tend to spend dozens of hours, or even more, a masterpiece created by the natural favored, which feel for the brand share of the skill, long watchmaking culture. Piaget watches watchmaking to slim and jewelry craft particularly impressive.

Since 1874, the birth, Earl has been adhering to the “always do better than required,” the spirit of the brand, the craftsmanship and creativity into every piece of work, while giving priority to the development of creativity and attention to detail, the watch and jewelry craft completely fused together. Inception, Earl focused on the design and production of watch movements.

Let’s take a look at those who appreciate the eye Explosion Piaget watches 2015 SIHH!

Piaget Traditional oval watches
Piaget Traditional oval watches

Piaget Piaget Traditional oval watch with a gold chain with a classic Piaget watch for inspiration, using the elegant palace totem handmade decorative craft, a large chain belt assembly segments constitute extremely light gold chain belt, chain belt and back of the same brilliant . Diamond bezel make this watch is more like a piece of jewelry, shining Smart.

Most of the people love Piaget because it is refined and delicate inlay work gem art style, each piece is a work of art Piaget, combining art intellectual, aesthetic, endurance and technique. “Count” of every watch has a unique and elegant qualities of each diamond watches are carefully crafted, and a combination of intellectual, aesthetic and exquisite artistry, achievement of touching a piece of fashion art .


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