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Raymond Weil
Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil as the few family-owned Swiss watch brand in the luxury watchmaking enjoys a special status, brand emphasizes deep roots and artistic cultures, while focusing on the use of precious materials and fine watchmaking technology, promoting independent spirit of the brand. Its watch works mostly pure classical style with Swiss watchmaking, and processed in the case of the appearance, the built-in movement of grinding through meticulous approach emergent distinctive brand characteristics, writing out their time goes to thinking. With its unique dynamic energy and prowess of the pioneer spirit, Raymond Weil is regarded as the world’s fastest growing and one of the most promising of the watch brand.

Raymond Weil was founded in 1976 by Mr Raymond Weil, and in his own name as a brand name in the family company. Mr Raymond Weil was born in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1926, after the completion of the high school business courses served in a service company, then in 1949 joined the Geneva watch company Camy Watch SA. This can be regarded as a good luck his hand, because he has always been very much appreciate the beauty of the watch and its design and technical details of the product. Based on the work of passion, Raymond Weil whole-heartedly, and soon took over the company’s management, a do it for 26 years.

All along, Mr Raymond Weil its unique charm and extraordinary leadership in order to consolidate the rapid development of business in the world, in 86 countries across five continents to establish a solid and independent distribution network. Each one Raymond Weil watches are definitely worth the money. Unique brand personality fit market expectations, Raymond Weil’s position is to the modern fashion and classic combination of both, in order to meet the pursuit of classic designs of young customers.

Because Mr Olivier Bernheim joined in 1982, Raymond Weil transformed from a small company to become an internationally renowned brand and yet family characteristics. At the same time, the image of the original designer Raymond Weil watch has evolved into a complete brand sui generis. Greatly reduced the number of watch styles, replaced the watch models focus on vivid design series. With its exquisite Swiss watchmaking technology and knowledge, and always keep abreast of new technology, Raymond Weil continues to focus on creativity and respect for watchmaking technology and its superior quality products. Raymond Weil therefore also known altar table, much loved by customers pay attention to taste.
Through its long-term stable and loyal support reliable distribution channels, Raymond Weil is now not only a well-known brand, but also a true watchmaking business, focusing on the use of their own strengths, and constantly make better products, which makes Raymond Weil Today, the international face of the altar table many budding rivals, still in the market firmly in a seat. In addition, Raymond Weil has kept its family-run feature in today’s watch manufacturing industry is an important advantage.


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