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Romain Jerome watch
Romain Jerome watch

is an independent watch brand, founded in 2004 in Geneva, Switzerland. Brands want to pass to consumers the concept of “Legend DNA”, that is, each wearer can have “a part of human history,” in the wrist. The brand All watches are Swiss made.


When it comes to the mechanical watch, we habitually think of a round dial with three hands. However, recently, in the manufacture of mechanical watches, Romain Jerome company a little change, their new watches Subcraft is the evidence. This watch is no clock, but always through the dial to the outermost parts of the light-emitting display, while the minute hand and the traditional watch, in the dial.

Basel, Switzerland, in 2015 Mobile World Congress, Subcraft mechanical watches debuted. Subcraft designed by Manuel Emch and designer watches Alain Silberstein, whose intention is designed as an accessory trying Subcraft watch. It is said that its appearance is “no accessories to show the US has the perfect combination of form and function of harmonious beauty.” Furthermore, its shape, inspired by nature, such as manta rays body.

Now only 99 each, natural titanium Subcraft the price is $ 24,500, while the appearance of Subcraft Speed Metal PVD need $ 26,950.




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