Tissot Ballade T-Lady Collection Watches

Tissot’s new Powermatic 80.111 self-winding movement not only has the COSC Observatory certification, but also to improve the traditional women’s mechanical watchmaking process to become an important step. It is used in Tissot’s Ballade watch, which is a 32mm size of the classic ladies watch. So for those who want to buy a high-quality cost-effective ladies watch, Tissot with practical action proved to luxury as a selling point of those watches is not the only choice for women.

Womens watch movement in the manufacturing side, there have been several problems. Due to size constraints, so few women watch the dial to see the existence of the second hand, and therefore missed the COSC Observatory certification standards. At the same time, due to the size of the winding box, female table in the power reserve is also difficult to achieve a satisfactory level, let alone find enough free space to place the second barrel. Of course, the overall size of the market for women, but also a very important part of Europe and the United States region of large ethnic skeleton, so more biased in favor of large-size female form, but Asia is not the same, ah, Asian women is more to give A bird according to people, lovely feeling, but also no shortage of women not to men of the generation, so the Asian market for the design of the female table, always need to go through more consideration, but small size is still the first standard . Tissot Powermatic 80 movement family and the arrival of this new member, changed all this.

Powermatic 80.111 movement can be said to have a milestone significance, why should I say so? Because, first of all, it is a pass COSC Observatory certification standards of high-precision ladies watch mechanical movement, secondly, compared to the previous 42-hour moving reserve standards, it can provide surprisingly 80 hours long power reserve, these Thanks to a patented mechanical module that effectively reduces energy consumption. Accuracy is derived from the adjustable balance wheel, and dynamic storage of the upgrade comes from the longer mainspring. But does not the longer winding take up more space? Of course not, Tissot chose to do it thinner, while reducing the winding box axis diameter of the practice, so that the problem solved.

Powermatic 80 movement is Tissot and ETA movement factory to create the product, originally specifically for the ETA 2824, and now provides a more lasting power of the new self-winding movement, known as the ETA C07.111 or Powermatic 80.111 . Its vibration frequency from the previous 4Hz down to 3Hz, while the use of high-performance silicon hairspring. Reducing the speed, strengthen the escapement structure, reducing friction, thereby enhancing the performance, the end result, of course, is welcomed by the loved ones have been COSC Observatory standards favor. The movement of the size of 25.6mm, composed of 146 components, including 25 jewel bearings. And carrying it Tissot Ballade watch case size is only 32mm, thickness of 9.44mm, provides functions and sometimes minutes and seconds display, and 3:00 on the calendar window.

The Tissot Ballade ladies watch case and bracelet are made of stainless steel material, gold and rose gold plated coating of gold between the two styles, but also have other different colors of the belt styles to choose from. The bezel and the central part of the dial are decorated with clous de Paris pattern, 6-bit and 12-bit time scale to the Arabic numerals, the rest are used in the traditional way to show.

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