Quality Tudor watch – the royal treatment

Tudor, meaning England Tudor (1485-1603), one of the most glorious era in British history, the last British monarch Queen Elizabeth I, illustrious reputation. The name of each series of the table are the Tudor royal family. By Prince series, princess series, the King family and the latest hour series consisting of a thriving “imperial family.”

And the prince and princess is different, a new breed of major giving the King family feeling, usually calendar, stopwatch and diving watch three models. King series looks even more refined and elegant. King family has automatic movement and quartz movement, automatic movement of the King family, with stainless steel and 18 ct diamond style, has a self-winding mechanical pendulum thallium, with blue crystal glass surface closely crown guarantee 50 m depth under pressure is still waterproof. King quartz watch technology excellence, elegant style, suitable to wear at your leisure and entertainment activities. At the same time, in order to meet some friends like mechanical movement, the King family also 36 mm and 33 mm in two different calendar caliber automatic watch, you wear them equally chic and elegant.


Tudor watch MT5621
Tudor watch MT5621

This year,Tudor finally has completely homegrown movement, this new movement called the MT5621, bi-directional winding and power reserve of 70 hours, in addition to practical kinetic display this movement even more perfect. Equipped with this movement of the watch, but also became the first back through the Tudor watch. The new NorthFlag watch, Tudor appearance followed several years of retro style, middle case angular, fine polished, full-frosted, matt surface to achieve the effect, creating a high-tech look and feel.

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