Hublot watches official to join the Los Angeles Lakers NBA

Replica Hublot watches
Replica Hublot watches

About Hublot watches:

Hublot? Unusual way to go”, who know this unique Swiss watch company of the person who is said, every step of this enterprise are growing at an alarming rate in creating the future. A by Hublot Chairman of the Global Board of Directors Jean – Claude Beaver and CEO Ricardo Guadalupe open and create dreams, the two men led the Hublot brand into a success, Big Bang, king Power, classic Fusion and masterpieces in which represents the symbol of the traditional growing. From complicated watches and revolutionary materials to world-class collaboration as the FIFA World Cup and Ferrari, Hublot through this philosophical concept of “fusion art” to flaunt themselves into the modern tradition.

Hublot watches in NBA:

Replica Hublot watches
Hublot watches in NBA

In the famous Staples Center court, Hublot Hublot Global CEO Ricardo Guadalupe personally to executive vice president of operations Lakers Jeanie Buss presented a new and flashing a dazzling Hublot wall clock, which means that the Swiss top watch brand became legendary NBA teams this official timekeeper.

Has 16 NBA championship title in the Los Angeles Lakers is one of the NBA’s most legendary team, but also in the world’s most popular team ranks. In the depths of the human heart of Los Angeles, a Lakers game is always closely linked with fashion, celebrities, luxury and passion. Today, the Los Angeles Lakers gear ring tone of Hublot, this City of Angels will have more reason to make you whole-heartedly.

Hublot Global CEO Ricardo Guadalupe said, “to achieve cooperation with the Lakers this legendary team makes our iconic partners has added an indelible mark, just as we have been with Manchester United, International FIFA and Usain Bolt and Hublot other like friends. The Lakers have been in the promotion of basketball has become a global movement played an important role, and has such a Kobe Bryant bit so tough and courageous good players, such cooperation can be said to fall into place. We are the future of the Lakers looking forward to cooperate with, and they joined Hublot family was very pleased. ”

Replica Hublot watches
Hublot watches

“The Lakers and Hublot expression for a partnership, are very excited. This is a traditional and modern style unique fusion of iconic and global watch brand.” The Lakers senior vice president and chief operating Marketing Officer Tim Harris says, “and, like the Lakers, Hublot has been in pursuit of excellence and to become the industry leader is proud of, which we like-minded.”

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