IWC watches during maintenance

Since its founding in 1868, IWC is the only watchmaker’s craft did not become a victim of the industrial revolution in the watch factory. IWC never pursue mass production, even until today, have faithfully uphold the inherent philosophy ━ IWC make small but extraordinary quality tables. Therefore, every made by IWC watch, even the most minor areas are handled perfectly, under good care can be used for decades, but they are widely sought by collectors for collectors.

Replica IWC watches
Replica IWC watches

During the IWC iwc watches worn if accidentally hit or inappropriate touching when incurred scratches, here for you to talk about some basic IWC maintenance methods can help you fix these fine marks, so that the entire table only to avoid scratches Rhyme affected.

1. as iwc IWC watches do not fell or severe crash, it may cause the case to the subsidence variations into account, children deformed lenses damaged, resulting in a very accurate and waterproof construction fall performance. IWC watches worn as has long been subject to damage or collision to look into severe subsidence can be sent to the shop near the clock, to do all the beauty watches disposal program.

2. iwc IWC watches during maintenance, to IWC watches all the disassembled parts, wiping movement with gasoline, and then watch the other devices within the cleaning by professional equipment, and finally oiled assembly. In addition to the parts within IWC watches, but also polished shell polished presentation at IWC Watches IWC Watches cleaning and maintenance. Because the technical parameters of the watch is very high, so maintenance cleaning IWC watch is a very fine job, professional cleaning and maintenance usually takes five days to complete. The old watch after such complex professional cleaning and maintenance, general can turn gently used.

3. Of course, cleaning and maintenance fee required IWC watches, especially on a million IWC watches maintenance, maintenance cost is high. According to IWC watches different presentation quality, maintenance costs are also washable varying amounts, such as IWC watches, according to the general provisions of the watch industry association, on a million watches, in addition to maintenance fees washable, also introduced by IWC Watches grades and prices are subject to thousands Check the one in charge.

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