Omega Planet Ocean and Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible

In the diving watch with two time function looks a bit crappy, because if the pure diving watch on the professional performance, the two time almost no use, just like the date, set it more is to take into account Wearing a watch in the water longer time, that is, the general daily life to wear, and this is revealed behind the diving watch from the side of professional tools, so we look at these watches, compared to its performance, daily wear well I am afraid it is more important.

The so-called ceramic chromatography, specifically refers to the multi-color forming ceramic bezel, in recent years has been quite rapid development, first Rolex in 2013, 2014 launched a series of blue and black, red and blue color bezel GMT -Master II, 2016 Omega also in the hippocampus Planet Ocean 600 GMT section with a black and white circle, and they were using a different technology, on the one hand, full of people feel the taste of the two watch brands rivalry, and the other On the one hand also shows that ceramic technology in fact there is still a considerable space.

Rolex in the GMT-Master II approach is to use chemical discoloration, first do a color bezel, and then half of the body in the immersion after a special agent for the second firing, so that half of the immersion into the target Colour. OMEGA practice is completely different, its black and white circle is really black and white ceramic firing a whole; Rolex practice can only be used to deal with large areas of color, and the color and color of the junction is not clear enough, OMEGA black and white The junction is much sharper, and even directly to the two-color ceramic sets out the number and scale, in all fairness, this is more advanced technology.

Of course, if you really want to, then the sharpness or not as in the ceramic filled with liquid metal or rubber so clearly, but after all, with a composite material to a single ceramic material, OMEGA in this watch On the show of technology, at this stage is the best effect. In fact, not only in the past few years OMEGA has excellent performance in many aspects of ceramic exterior processing, from the “dark side of the month” of the metal-free shell structure to Deep Black screw-in ceramic bottom cover, these Will be considered outside the ceramic can not do things, one by one to overcome, so if you want to accumulate the experience and advanced technology, OMEGA should be regarded as the current market leading brands.

Go back and look at the watch all. The detail style of the watch is a 2016-year planet Ocean new design, which is like a bezel inside the dotted line, face plate outer ring into the “mountain” font scale is new. The rotation mechanism of the bezel is bi-directional for the GMT, and the above digital scale is the 24-hour time scale, so it is not possible to use it as a diving chronograph. 2016 OMEGA launched the new almost all have a Master Chronometer certification, watches in the anti-magnetic and precision have the latest protection, although the actual performance with the coaxial escapement movement plus COSC should not Too much difference.

By the end of 2016 PANERAI Panerai published the latest generation of Mike Horn joint models – if according to Mike Horn personal plan, this may also be the last one. In May 2016, Mike Horn unfolded his latest adventure plan “Pole2Pole”, as the name suggests, this plan is to run through the north and south poles, on the way he will switch water and land, the whole journey is expected for two years, the current He should have just gone through Australia, continue in the Pacific up to the direction of Asia. According to the official statement, Pole2Pole will be Mike Horn’s retirement, that is to say after that he may no longer carry out adventure activities, if that is the case, this PAM00719 may become the Panerai with his The last time the cooperation; of course, the spokesperson retired after the brand or can continue to launch the cooperation form, the past Mike Horn watch is not every period is launched during his mission – for example, in 2005 186, only Can take the adventure of his ongoing activities that will be different, so this watch is still symbolic.

In accordance with past practice, 719 uses a professional diving watch Submersible, equipped with the internal P. 9001 movement, so the watch with GMT function, but because of the use of a solid cover, so the movement of the movement of the splint shows no power The ground. The history of the Mike Horn watch common design elements are not many, blue and yellow color may be regarded as one, but not every paragraph is the case, it touches on this PAM00719 this play is full, the main face is Navy blue, small seconds, small seconds and GMT needle is yellow, including 6 o’clock Pole2Pole Logo is also the overall color is quite prominent, compared with the general Submersible distinction between obvious.

The past Mike Horn watch has several sections are used so-called compass bezel, that is, at four points on the bezel marked things north and south, so with the minute hand and the sun position can serve as a compass; honestly To Mike Horn’s equipment should be no chance of the function, but as an adventure as the theme of the table, this element is indeed quite a little problem, but also became their very close with the other Panerai a recognized ID. In addition there is a little performance problem, the past Mike Horn watch has several anti-magnetic function, is said to take into account the polar geomagnetic problem, it sounds quite reasonable idea, but this also did not PAM00719 this To strengthen, in recent years, Panerai, in fact, a lot of anti-magnetic watch can be used to use, this time I personally feel more unexpected, but for our general consumers, this is insignificant.

Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days GMT Watch
# Automatic-47MM PAM00719
#Dimensions: 47.00mm
#Thickness: 17.5 mm
# Genove: Genuine Swiss P.9001 Automatic #Movement with detailed engravings on the bridges, 29 Jewels, 28800 bph.
#Function: Hours, Minutes, Running independent seconds at 9 o’clock.
#Bezel: Polishing Stainless Steel Bezel.
Watchcase: Genuine Polishing Stainless Steel Case.
#Dial: Blue Dial with Dot hour markers, Hour hand, Minute hand.
#Strap: Genuine Black Rubber bracelet with Tang Buckle fastening.
#Case back: Solid caseback with detailed engravings and markings.

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