The perfect fusion of art – Replica Hublot Berluti

The new classic integration timing Berluti watch Hublot creative unlimited watchmaking talent and Berluti originality Patina ancient art of the perfect fusion of art.

In 1895, Alessandro Berluti from Italy founded the Berluti brand in France. Today, Berluti has become a century-old Paris shoes family, men’s shoes, accessories and clothing series known. Among them, Berluti shoes for the most elegant style of men’s first choice, and its bold and innovative Patina ancient art of dyeing is more impressive.

In 2016, Switzerland’s top watch brand Hublot and Berluti first hand in hand, launched the classic fusion Berluti series watch. Cum Berluti 120 anniversary of the occasion, the series watch in the history of the first perfect capture of the essence of shoe-making process, and its form of watch to give. The series of watch strap and dial with Berluti classic Venezia leather to create, which by the Alessandro descendants Olga Berluti developed an exclusive tanning process put forward higher requirements – leather to go through a very sophisticated process, can only be suitable for watch The For example, the leather on the dial must be completely dehydrated to ensure that the case is absolutely dry.

A year later, Hublot further clever use of Berluti landmark leather, will be so distinguished natural material and classic fusion timing watch combined. This is obviously a more difficult and complex creation. In the classic fusion chronograph watch on the dial, 3 o’clock position and 9 o’clock position by the two chronograph dial, for this, the watchmaker must re-create the design, the development of new technology to ensure that leather can be stable Running on such a complex dial.

The new classic integration timing Berluti watch was born, with a proud 45 mm diameter dial, and Scritto Wang Jin and Scritto all black to choose from. Two watches each limited edition 250, are used with hand strap, Berluti custom table box and the whole set of Berluti leather care products.

Replica Hublot, so Berluti’s creative talent shines in the wrist.

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